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    What are the differences between awnings and sun visors?

    Sunshades are an indispensable protective product in our lives. Sunshades can be seen everywhere in our lives. Usually many customers will ask what are the differences between sunshades and sunshades? Next, let us give you the editor. introduce.

    A awning is a horizontal member that protrudes from the upper part of the door and window or the entrance of the building. The awning also has the function of shading. Shading is the main function. There are also many types of awnings, such as flexible awnings, car awnings, outdoor awnings, etc.

    We generally say that the sun visor can not only be made into a horizontal member (sun awning), together can also be made into a vertical member (vertical board), placed on one side of the window opening, or both, a larger-scale sunshade The louver can also be understood as a sun visor.

    The shading function of the building has not attracted enough attention before, and the form is relatively simple. With the in-depth research on building energy efficiency, shading, as an important measure of building energy efficiency, has become more and more important, and its forms are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to fixed sun visors and sun blinds, there are also movable and retractable sun shades. , Awning, etc.

    The use of sun shading in Europe has a history of decades. In Europe, whether it is hundreds of years of old buildings or modern buildings, the use of sun shading abounds. This is a concrete manifestation of building energy efficiency in Europe. The function of sunshade is not only "shading" and "energy saving", but also has the functions of dustproof, sound insulation, protection, obstructing the view, etc., so that the quality of the building can be improved.

    The distinction between sun visors and sun awnings is mainly based on their functions. Sun visors are generally flat, and the main function is sun shading; sun awnings have many functions, which can be used for sunshading, rain protection, and advertising , For example, you can print words and LOGO on the awning. There are many shapes of awnings, flat elastic, watermelon, trapezoid and many other shapes.

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